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Ordo Aeternus Vovin

Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be the Whole of the Law

Governing Board

Like any non-profit, religious organization, the Ordo Aeternus Vovin is operated by a governing board. This board handles both the day-to-day business operations of the order as well as setting guidelines for the spiritual operation of the order. As a Thelemic order, our governing board is focused on discerning the group Will of the entire order as we pursue the Great Work individually and as a group.

Board Positions

The governing board is made up of the following positions. To serve on the governing board, an initiate must have obtained the third degree or higher within the order, or have a special dispensation from the Draco Rex of the order or a majority vote of the governing board.

Draco Rex - The Draco Rex serves as the spiritual guide and leader of the Ordo Aeternus Vovin. He is granted the 11th degree within the order and there is only ever one 11th degree at a time. The Draco Rex serves for life or until he wishes to leave the position. His role is to focus on the spiritual direction of the organization and provide the guidelines for the evolution of our rituals and rites.

Office of the Skeptic - The Office of the Skeptic is a position that is unique to many boards. As the OAV is a Thelemic organization, the governing board must regularly seek the spiritual Will of the group. To prevent the board from falling victim to the "Lust of Result" or the whims of its officers, the Office of the Skeptic challenges the direction of the board. This person acts as a "devil's advocate" to test the Will of the governing board and ensure that they are indeed acting according to the collective Will of the group.

Secretary General - The Secretary General is responsible for keeping the records of the Ordo Aeternus Vovin. This includes the business records of the organization, board meeting minutes and the records of initiations. Currently, the OAV General Secretary performs the duties of the Recording Secretary and the Corresponding Secretary.

Treasurer - The Treasurer is responsible for keeping track of the finances of the order. He provides reports of the order's financial status and handles making deposits and paying the obligations of the Order from the general fund.

President - The President of the governing board is responsible for conducting the secular business of the Order. He is the executive officer of the organization but as the OAV is a religious organization, he performs his duties in consultation with the Draco Rex and the Office of the Skeptic. The OAV governing board does not have a Vice President. In the event that the President cannot fulfill his duties, the Draco Rex will perform them until the President is once more able or until a new President is selected.

Current Officers of the Governing Board

There are currently several vacancies on the OAV governing board. The current officers and their email addresses are below:

Draco Rex - Frater Ea
General Secretary - Frater Marukka
Treasurer - Frater Ziku

You may also contact the governing board by using our contact form.