Seal of the Ordo Aeternus Vovin

Ordo Aeternus Vovin

Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be the Whole of the Law

Secret Orders

The Ordo Aeternus Vovin is a secret order. This may sound very exotic at first but there are actually many secret orders. For example, the Freemasons are technically a secret order. A secret order isn't some shadowy organization that is quietly pulling strings and running the world behind the scenes. Rather, a secret order means that the names and identities of members are not published or disclosed. In the OAV, this means that initiates take an oath to protect the secrecy of their brothers.

While this may seem odd at first, it fits very much into the Thelemic nature of our organization. The decision to reveal or not reveal one's involvement with the order is up to each individual and is an individual choice. Many initiates are quite proud of their affiliation with the OAV and disclose it routinely. However, there are some who do not. Therefore, when we say "secret order", what we mean is that one member will not reveal outside of the order who the other members are. Members may choose for themselves whether or not to discuss their membership in the order with outsiders.